The Son of God Is Dancing

 with Bridget Plass 

The much-praised writing team of Adrian and Bridget Plass looks at the extent of the AIDS pandemic in Zambia. On visiting this colorful country they saw the problem and what is being done about it from many angles: from preventative projects with sex-workers to the care of orphans. The desperation there left them determined to make westerners see how ordinary families are affected. The stories aren't all negative; however, Adrian and Bridget tell of the World Vision rehabilitation program for girls forced into prostitution enabling training in alternative occupations including hairdressing and tailoring. There were no miracles in Zambia—only the miracle of people allowing God to use them. God acts through us and the truth is that if we do nothing, we withhold His love from them. This is a heart-warming, inspiring, and sometimes even humorous account with a serious message: God won't act to lessen the HIV/AIDS crisis if we don't.