The Birthday Party

The long-awaited, heart-warming and humourous sequel to Stress Family Robinson is here! These are the ongoing tales of the Robinson Family and their efforts to match the image of the perfect Christian family, while in reality they live on a rich diet of love and chaos. All a little older but not very much wiser, the Robinsons (Mike, Kathy, Jack, Mark and Felicity) continue their lives intending to have a plan but never quite sticking to it. Kathy Robinson faces a major emotional crisis which begins on a day when, in Kathy's words, "everything smells of fish." The struggles and joys of the Robinsons are related through the eyes of their trusted friend and confidante, Dip Reynolds, who juggles her various roles as family mediator, counsellor and nurse, while trying to find her own role as the honorary member of the Robinson Family. Dip has her own hurts and is about to reveal a thirty-year-old secret.