Silver Birches


When David Herrick receives an invitation to a reunion in one of England's most haunted houses, his first reaction is to refuse. After all, he hasn't seen Jenny, Peter or the others since they were all a part of the same youth group two decades ago. Moreover, he isn't feeling very sociable since his wife Jessica died six month ago. In face, he's still rather raw and numb.But the invitation comes from Angela, one of his wife's oldest friends, and, mysteriously, she has something for him from his beloved Jessical. Reluctant but curious, he makes his plans to visit Headly Manor.

When the friends gather, they no longer resemble the fresh-faced group of twenty years ago. One has been deserted by her husband, another has lost his faith and another is filled with anger and bile. Life hasn't been the sugar-coated existence they might have hoped for.As they have less than forty-eight hours with each other, they decide to be vulnerable and share their greatest fears--a suitable exercise, given their ghostly venue. But will they have the courage to bare their souls? And if they do, how will such revelations be received?

This poignant, moving and sometimes disturbing story blends Adrian Plass's rich style of humour with his knack for addressing the deep issues we all face, such as faith, grief, love, fear--and most crippling of all afflictions, the fear of fear.