From Growing Up Pains to the Sacred Diary


Two favourite works by best-selling author Adrian Plass in one volume Adrian Plass has a way of telling our stories by telling his, and by so doing has endeared himself to a multitude of readers. Perhaps his secret lies in his humour, from the dark to the absurd. Or it could be his penchant for poking gently but frankly at the foibles of Christian living. Both qualities are on display here, with two of Plass's best-loved books rolled into one. The Growing Up Pains of Adrian Plass offers reflections on a difficult passage in the author's personal journey, during which the television programme Company and some of its memorable guests made a deep impact on Plass's faith. The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass Aged 371/2 is a laugh-filled, fictional daily chronicle of family and church exploits, featuring Plass's literary alter ego and a memorable cast of supporting characters. Referring to The Sacred Diary, Plass writes, 'I don't think I shall ever be unhappy enough to write such a funny book again.' Though different in character, both books in this volume explore the darker side of living the Christian faith--and, in Plass's inimitable style, point beyond to the bright hope that lies in Jesus.