Best in Plass: Stories, Songs, Poems, and Sketches


LAUGH. CRY. ENJOY. It's time to strip away the hypocrisy and look at Christianity the way it's meant to be! Let internationally acclaimed author Adrian Plass point you in the right direction ... toward authentic faith. With his trademark brand of off-beat humour, Plass pens this unique collection of stories, songs, poems, dramatic sketches and reflections on the sometimes quirky antics of the family of God. On marriage: Arguments in marriage are like pieces of music---with familiar and oft-repeated tunes. On denominations: It's always good to have a variety of flavours available, and it's not a bad thing to educate your taste buds with the odd sip at a concoction you've never tried. On anxiety: Whole lives are wasted by worry---about the wrong things! On Christian busy-ness: We are very good at kidding ourselves into believing that religious activities equal Christian living. From spinning upbeat tales about the kindness of strangers to spoofing people who don't care with his 'Apathetic Creed,' Plass will captivate you from the very first page. Discover a rich treasure trove of laugh-aloud moments mingled with heartbreaking anecdotes ... and come away changed