Apple of His Eye

 Bridget Plass 

This book is about the truth that we hardly dare to believe - that God not only loves us but delights in us. He knocks at the door of our heart, desiring that we should open the door and let him come in. But the Christ who wants to enter into the house of our life is the risen Lord of glory, whose face shines like the sun. The Holy One of God - our creater and our dearest friend. Bridget Plass points us to the Bible passages which tell us of God's loving purpose for each one of us, and for the society that we live in.

We see the potter who mends the broken pot by remoulding the clay that he loves. We see Jesus, urgently telling his disciples in the last days of his ministry what the Father is really like, giving to them and to us the platform on which to build a house that is filled with the glory of God.