‘In the year 2000 I wrote the first of my books that I was brave enough to call a novel. ‘Ghosts’ later became ‘Silver Birches’ and has now been made into a full length feature film simply entitled BIRCHES’…. Adrian

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BIRCHES DVD : A poignant story of love, loss and finding faith again. David loses his wife Jessica to a sudden, totally unexpected illness while the couple are in their thirties. A much sought-after Christian speaker, he is used to comforting and inspiring people, but now he no longer has any answers and isolates himself in his grief. Then he is invited by an old friend for a weekend reunion with members of his teenage church youth club, with whom he has been out of contact for years. David refuses until he hears that a last gift from Jessica is waiting for him if he goes. What follows is an intense and emotional weekend. David discovers that he is not the only one struggling with ghosts from the past, and together they face their past and look for ways to bring hope into the future.

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DISCUSSION GUIDE: This group study guide, written by Adrian and Bridget Plass, explores the wider themes portrayed in BIRCHES and is designed to enable people to safely discuss issues arising from the story. Accompanied by relevant clips included free in your DVD package, each of the fifteen sections include a Bible passage, comments on issues arising from characters and situations occurring in the film, a handful of questions to stimulate discussion, and in some cases, quotations or poems that are relevant . These notes could form the basis of study for home groups and of course might also be used by individuals keen to explore themes in greater depth.

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AND A POSSIBILTY FOR YOUR CHURCH... Bridget and I road-tested the exercise of combining the film and discussion guide during a three-day period at Scargill House last year and have rarely experienced an event more enjoyable and productive. If you do decide to have a shot at this, we would really love to know how you get on. It is possible that Bridget and I would be able to lead such an event if groups or churches were interested, and, of course, if Zoom allows. Do let us know if this is something that might work for you. Whatever you decide, we hope and pray that new and richly fertile ground will be broken for you by this and other initiatives over the coming months.
Warm regards, Adrian