What About The Wounded?



What about the wounded?

What about the lost?

What about the ones who failed

To understand the cost?


What about the broken-hearted

Puzzled and betrayed

The ones who hoped and hoped and hoped

And prayed and prayed and prayed?


What about the endless nights

And fears that never cease

The hundred failed Gethsemanes

The pointless search for peace?


What about the ones who hide

Because they are afraid

Of those who will not tolerate

The way that they are made?


What about the weary ones

Who find the going tough

The desolate Elijahs

Who have simply had enough?


What about the disappointed

Darkened by distress

The ones who hoped for so much more

And live with so much less?


What about the wounded

Bleeding on the street

Staring eyes, children’s cries

The horror and the heat?


What about the wounded, Lord?